ISPO News | Black Deer has a girl named Xiao Fang - the most beautiful booth at the show

To say that among the ISPOs of this session, the most distinctive feature of art and fashion elements is the black deer's family. It looks like a toy castle that was dreamed as a child. After entering, it is filled with outdoor groups. Good toy!

The camp light below is the “small party”. This is not a light and compact camp light. It is not true and it is dead. Why, this camp light not only provides the light source for camping just like a general camp light, but it is also a 10,800 milliampere charging treasure. Under the outdoor environment, this camp light owns a lot of electric energy, not only guarantees Its own light source supply, but also for campers provide power protection.

And among the four sides of this camp lantern, magnets are embedded in one side of the lamp, and it is easy to absorb the iron in the self-driving travel. This square treasure camp lamp was named "small party." About Xiao Fang also has his own story. She has a “deliberate grocery shop.” The more detailed story, the black deer official will be released later!

In 2015, the black deer mug is not unfamiliar to everyone. This mug has a variety of sticker styles. 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. Among the various styles, the most popular should be the Dasheng back section.

This Asparagus Indian tent has a great interior space and can hold 3 or 4 people, which is very suitable for families and family. By pulling up the tent on the tent, it can quickly become a canopy gazebo.

The black deer booth feels very refreshing, and it makes people feel that this is not like a booth in an outdoor exhibition, it feels more like a coffee shop with a strong outdoor element.

With regard to the story of Xiao Fang's solution to the miscellaneous miscellaneous goods shop, please do not hesitate to look forward to the official release of the black deer!

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