Use the carton to make toys by hand, turning waste into a creative show!

[Chinese and foreign toy network March 21] There are many paper cartons in every family, but what else can you do besides selling scrap? In fact, as long as you add your creativity and creativity, you can use the carton to make toys and create new toys for your children. Let's take a look at the carton toys made by foreign parents for children along with the Chinese and foreign toy nets.

Boys and girls love to do the car, put a variety of color stickers, is not very fashion sense!

In fact, the practice is not so difficult.

Snow White Toy Car

Crayon Shinchan carton car

Toy Story

I want to be a pilot through the clouds!

The car can also be played on the back, and the child likes it. Open the tank, this feel is cool!

The train can also do it~

Be a small cottage and you can make your own small space.

Does the washing machine look very realistic?

Is this made of cardboard boxes? It’s a bad day, and it’s the mother’s personal love.

This is a beautiful decoration and can put small things.

After reading these creative shows, is it a heartbeat, and quickly use the collected cartons, you will find a different happiness!

Plush Toy Key Chain

Plush key chain its main materials are plush fabric and polypropylene cotton packing. There are four main types of plush fabrics. The first common yarn, made of BOA material, can be classified as light, usually straight, and can be divided into Yin and Yang yarns in different directions. And matte gauze namely matte color, basically do not have Yin and Yang two faces. The second type of yarn is called specialty yarn. It has sheeting and long and short wool. Wool length is controlled at 4-20 mm. The third kind is called plush, wool in 20-120mm range of growth, 20-45mm range can do any wool growth, 45mm above only 65mm and 120mm, belongs to long hair, wool is straight, not easy to curl. The fourth type is called curly hair, which is usually grainy hair, wool, or hair roots that are bunched and rolled up. Polypropylene fiber cotton, commonly known as baby cotton, hollow cotton, also known as cotton, chemical fiber man-made materials polypropylene fiber, polypropylene fiber (a plastic optical density, special attention to polypropylene fiber is different from polyester can not be confused) from the difference in the process: there are mainly hollow fiber and two kinds, respectively: good elasticity of the product, feel smooth. Our company produces plush key chain beautiful and generous, durable, three-dimensional strong, bright color, compact. Products can be made according to customer requirements of different specifications, color, thickness, grade, packaging, etc., LOGO can be customized, is a good choice for promotional gifts. Key chain not only can adorn your life, but also can highlight your noble, a person's key chain with what kind of gift can see this person's personality, life, and hobbies, also can see who can bring you good luck.

Major description:
1. Cloth ordering: in modern society, there is a clear division of labor, and manufacturers have their own responsibilities for the manufacturing of cloth and the production of doll products. Production problems tend to occur in non-factory processes. For this reason, it is particularly important for us to control the quality of materials. We strictly select several fixed material cooperative factories, which not only ensure the richness of material color, but also control the stability of material quality.
2. Making knife mold: the time required for making the knife mold of plush dolls is short, and it only takes a few hours from the start of making to the official use of the knife mold. Come on! Low price! Fashion! It has become an important factor for most companies to choose plush dolls as promotional gifts, conference gifts and event souvenirs.
3. Fabric opening: there are four ways to open the plush doll: punching machine, laser, electric shearing, and thermal shearing. Punch material opening needs to unfold the whole roll of cloth lamination first. The more layers there are, the lower the material opening cost will be. In the industry, generally, the 28 to 33 layers shall prevail. The factory will be subject to the 28 floor, in each process in strict accordance with the standard implementation to ensure the large cargo and sample effect of the anastomosis.
4. Electric embroidery and silk-screen printing: electric embroidery and silk-screen printing are the main presentation forms of logo or pattern on the customized figures; Silk-screen printing is a printing process, most of the cases are not necessarily electric embroidery looks high-grade. However, electrical embroidery cannot completely replace silk screen printing. For example, small and complex patterns or logo electrical embroidery cannot be realized. Only silk screen printing can show fine and clear patterns. For example, some parts of the requirements to make patterns at the same time to avoid the hardening of the parts affect the appearance (electrical embroidery will lead to the hardening of the parts), then also need to choose the process of electrical embroidery to show the logo or pattern. Of course, we don't have to worry about which process to choose to show our logo. We will provide professional solutions according to the actual situation.
5. Stitching and cutting: stitching is a process of stitching all cut pieces together, which is one of the most important processes in all processes. Whether the sewing process is strictly in accordance with the standardization will directly affect the smoothness of the appearance of the doll; Our factory has established strict sewing standards. A. Sewing seam 45 mm, uniform stop, needle spacing 12 inches. B. Fine needle with 11# needle and 402 fine thread. C. All point positions and bone positions must be aligned and shall not be exploded.
6, rolling cotton: cotton seems to be a simple process, in fact, is a very important process; Indeed, it is very easy to learn cotton, a new master as long as five minutes can learn to cotton. But it's not easy to do the simple job of making cotton well. Cotton is not only to cotton into the doll's shell inside, cotton also needs to be flushed evenly, to ensure that the finished product is a round full appearance. Simple things can be repeated to become an expert, to become a cotton expert needs at least three years to accumulate; And I plant all the cotton puncher is more than five or six years of experts.
7, sewing manual: sewing, manual, is the final process of plush toys finished products; Each doll in the cutting stitching stage will leave a position without stitching, the position is commonly known as leather or cotton left mouth position, as the name suggests is reserved for leather and cotton. And this position can only wait until the cotton is finished after the manual suture.
8. Product quality inspection: the product quality inspection is the last quality control link. After the product passes the quality inspection, it becomes the final product to be delivered to the customer. As a product quality inspector, I need not only the carefulness to find out product defects comprehensively, and the technology to repair defects, but more importantly, a sense of responsibility and a mindset that customers will not be satisfied if I am not satisfied.

Company products to environmental protection materials, exquisite technology, various supporting facilities, advanced technology, perfect management, excellent quality, reasonable price, rapid development, strict confidentiality, perfect after-sales service. Only detailed product drawings (or samples) are required to provide customers with one-stop service from development to after-sales service.

Plush Toy Key Chain

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