Cheap medicine package contains great expectations

Guangdong Province recently announced a plan to accelerate the promotion of affordable medical services in 2013. It is required that at least one county-level hospital be selected for pilots of affordable hospitals before the end of this year. All governments in the province should establish basic-level medical and health institutions. To promote the use of cheap drug kits.

"Affordable drug packages" first requires that drug prices must be cheaper, but drug prices rise faster and drug prices are more expensive, which has become a major factor in expensive medical services. And the drugs in the "flat drug package" are not necessarily practical. Because it is difficult to unite effectively and cheaply.
There are few varieties and are not practical. They are the two “plain price drug packages”. To solve them well, in the short term, the government’s increased investment is the key to giving “parity drug packages” subsidies or compensation to ensure that they can Survive, and continue to enrich varieties, improve practicality. In the long run, increasing the market for pharmaceuticals is the key, for example, by limiting high prices and supplementing low prices to maintain a reasonable market price for pharmaceuticals, so that more drug prices will return to a reasonable level of parity.
"Equilibrium drug packages" is a microcosm of the construction of the market for affordable drugs. The problems it faces are also widespread in all aspects of the construction of the market for affordable drugs. Solve the problem of "parcels", in essence, solve the big problem of the cheap drug market.
Furthermore, "parity" is essentially the direction of medical reform, bearing the hope of "seeing the disease," and the small "parcel of medicine at the same price," implying the great expectations of the people.

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