Selection skills of low temperature thermostat

Selection skills of low temperature thermostat

1. The first is to clarify the four categories of sinks.

1. According to the temperature control range of constant temperature water tank:

It can be divided into ordinary constant temperature water tank, low temperature constant temperature tank and ultra-low temperature constant temperature tank. The temperature of the general ticket constant temperature tank is generally above room temperature. The temperature control range of the low temperature constant temperature tank is generally -20-100 degrees. The temperature control range of the ultra low temperature constant temperature operation is generally -40-100 degrees, in these simple classifications, the ultra-low temperature thermostat has the highest technical content and the widest range of applications.

2. According to the volume of thermostatic water tank: divided into small thermostat, medium thermostat and large thermostat

3. The circulation mode of the constant temperature bath can be divided into: external circulation, internal circulation, internal and external circulation mode

4. According to the style, it can be divided into vertical type and horizontal type. According to the accuracy of temperature control, it can be divided into: general thermostat and super precision thermostat.

2. According to your own test requirements, you can choose the following three options:

1. Choose a suitable volume, the size of the general water tank is between 5-30l, you can choose the water tank of the corresponding volume according to the requirements of your own experiment and the scale of the experiment, so that the experiment goes smoothly. Of course, you can also choose a suitable volume of water tank according to the scale of your laboratory for the next test.

2. Choose a suitable temperature control range, a laboratory equipment temperature control range, plays a key role in the success or failure of the test, so you can also choose the appropriate temperature control range according to the test requirements, of course you If it feels quite cumbersome to pick, you can also buy an instrument with a slightly larger temperature control range, because this type of instrument has a large temperature control range, which is suitable for almost all test requirements, and the requirements for the compressor are also quite high Of course, the price of such instruments is also quite high.

3. Choose the appropriate temperature control accuracy. The temperature control accuracy of the low temperature thermostat plays a crucial role in the success of the test. The temperature control accuracy of the general thermostat is ± 0.1, ± 0.3, ± 0.01, ± 0.05, but The temperature control of the high-precision water tank is ± 0.002 ~ 0.005, ± 0.005 ~ 0.01. Because the ultra-high precision water tank has fine temperature fluctuation, the constant temperature condition of the experiment is controlled quite accurately, which will bring the temperature fluctuation to the experiment. All environmental factors have been reduced to almost zero, so ultra-precision thermostatic water tanks are also widely loved by users in various industries.

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