Inkjet Printing: Thermal Foam vs. Micro Piezoelectric

The thermal foaming ink jet technology heats the ink during use, and the ink easily undergoes chemical changes at high temperatures, and the properties are unstable. Therefore, the authenticity of colors played will be affected. On the other hand, since the ink is ejected through the bubbles, the directionality and volume of the ink particles are not well understood, and the edges of the printed lines are variably confusing, which affects the print quality to some extent.

Micro Piezo Inkjet technology uses micro voltage to accurately control the size and concentration of the ink droplets so that the droplets do not scatter or spread like a star when they are ejected. The principle of direct voltage conversion is used to realize the normal temperature working state of the inkjet head, and the life of the inkjet head is greatly improved. In addition, pigment-based inks can be easily used to achieve outdoor-oriented applications, and the overall consumption of ink is small; there is great potential in terms of speed.

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