Strongly build cabinet company Sanlitun market

From the perspective of the overall market, the market share and consumption capacity of China's cabinets are currently concentrated in first-tier cities and relatively affluent second-tier cities. The market for most second- and third-tier cities has yet to be developed. While cabinet companies are sharing the "cake" of the existing market, they must also not forget the ability to improve the "cake".

There is a gradual process for enterprises to enter the market, from the market development period to the brand construction period to the channel improvement period. To build a strong brand, cabinet companies must ensure that the product concept and function support, image promotion and store operation, and the construction and improvement of the marketing network are in place. To put it simply: product strength, brand image power, and channel power. Once a stable triangle of balanced development is formed, it will provide strong support and sustainable development for the brand. When the cabinet enterprises develop the market, the development of each stage should also have relevant focus.

Market development period: main product force

Consumers must first form a consumption concept in order to have market demand. The concept of consumption in cabinets in first-tier cities and some second-tier cities has been formed, but more second- and third-tier cities also need cabinet companies to promote product concepts. To a certain extent, consumers are highly sympathetic to the value of the cabinet and the value of the benefits provided by the cabinet, which means that the market has been opened, and direct demand and potential demand will come.

Then the preparatory work for the cabinet enterprises is to know whether the benefits provided by their products have value for the second- and third-tier city residents, and whether the product positioning and advertising appeals are in line with their psychology. This is inseparable from the accurate insights of cabinet companies on the living patterns of second- and third-tier cities.

Brand construction period: focus on brand image

While developing market consumer demand, there must be cabinet products and brands that can meet consumer demand. Once consumers have a purchase demand, they will automatically associate and seek cabinet brands. Therefore, when the cabinet enterprises enter the urban market, whether it is functional appeal or emotional appeal or both, it is always necessary to impress consumers. This process is the construction of brand image.

The construction of the store is also the embodiment of the brand image, because the store is a direct terminal, which is a place where consumers directly access product information, feel enterprise services, and experience consumption. Therefore, cabinet enterprises should establish the idea of ​​“decision-winning terminal” and pay full attention to terminal construction.

Channel improvement period: show channel power

Channels are directly related to product sales. A sound and well-established channel network can not only fully understand the needs of consumers, but also provide information reference for cabinet companies. The most important function is to provide convenience for consumers. Especially in the second and third-tier markets, urban residents often do not spend on shopping. Pour too much into the budget. In terms of consumer behavior, the cost of the consumer's shopping behavior is low or almost zero. This is actually giving the consumer an excellent psychological satisfaction. The human behavior always has a certain degree of profit directly or indirectly. The channel laying of cabinet companies was established. Often have the influence to help with subsequent sales.

After the channel is established, the cabinet enterprises should also carry out maintenance, promptly eliminate the ineffective or deploy misplaced outlets, ensure the core competitiveness of the quality distribution team, give the channel the necessary necessary help, rather than complacency, sit and wait.

Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, and the market will not stagnate, waiting for a company or a certain brand to enter. There are so many people who want to divide the cake. In the fierce competition, if you don’t advance, you will retreat. If the cabinet enterprises want to win the prize, they must control the direction of the troika of products, brands and channels, and twist them into a rope to make the effort more effective.

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