Make cooking easier! Recommend 12 interesting and practical kitchen artifacts

Rotary pineapple heart peeler

Price: 9.90 yuan

Reason for recommendation: Cutting pineapple is a technical task. This gadget can help you easily! The gear design makes it easier to remove pineapple skin. The design of the handle can be rotated into the pineapple with a little effort. The operation is very simple and very clean!

Manual juicer

Price: 30.00 yuan

Recommended reason: Convenient leak-drip lemon juicer, put half-cut fruit, press the handle gently to squeeze out fresh juice. Whether you make a mask or make tea, it ’s easy to help you get the most out of it. The method is super simple and the juice extraction effect is super good.

Fruit peeling / pitting / slicing machine three in one

Price: 42.00 yuan

Recommended reason: fashionable, compact and flexible, integrating peeling, slicing and denuclearization into one, completed in one step. The operation is simple, easy to use, clean and hygienic, easy to use and fun, is a good helper of civilized life, everyone will love to eat fruit.

Electronic weighing spoon

Price: 49.00 yuan

Recommended reason: small and convenient, especially suitable for small amounts of food ingredients and medicinal materials, the precision error is smaller, and the scale is more accurate. Use two AAA batteries, easy to purchase, double scoop size, optional. Accurately grasp the nutritional intake of the media and balance the meal.

Quick dumpling mould

Price: 9.90 yuan

Reasons for recommendation: Quickly make dumpling molds, one pinch out two, save time, more hygienic and convenient. Put the dumpling skin on the mold, put the filling and fold the mold in half to make 2 lace dumplings. Be happy to make dumplings with family and friends!

Garlic twister

Price: 8.90 yuan

Recommended reason: Say goodbye to the era of pounding garlic tanks, let us lead the new taste of the kitchen together! The garlic grind from the garlic twister not only has a delicate taste, but the main thing is to save energy and save time greatly! Guarantee.

Color egg beater

Price: 14.40 yuan

Recommended reason: beautiful design, environmental protection and health, suitable for mixing eggs, cream, pasta and other foods, and will not be noisy metal impact sound. Hanging hook design, easy to store, simple and stylish style, casual placement is also a scenery.

Squeeze sauce pen

Price: 7.00 yuan

Recommended reason: the decorative pen with syringe design can be used repeatedly, the pen barrel is thick and durable, and the thick wall can effectively extend the holding time and avoid the rapid solidification of chocolate during the operation. Extract the sauce, and draw your finger on the food like writing.

Corn peeler

Price: 8.00 yuan

Recommended reason: Unlike the complicated operation of the old thresher, it uses a simple human-powered machine to push the machine, and the cutting effect of the blades to achieve corn threshing. You can understand it at a glance, and you can take off two corn cobs in a minute.

Orange peeler

Price: 1.00 yuan

Recommended reason: Orange, orange and other fruits can be skillfully and easily peeled off their peels, and the clothes will not be stained due to the juice splashing, and the nails will not be peeled. It has the advantages of practicality, safety, lightness, hygiene and durability, and it is no longer difficult to peel.

Vegetable shredder

Price: 5.60 yuan

Recommended reason: I usually encounter chopping green onions at home is of different thickness. With a quick onion cutting knife, I put everything on the green onions, and the green onions change to green onions. It is so simple and fast. With knife cover, sanitary and safe. Very easy to use.

Peeling gloves

Price: 8.70 yuan

Recommended reason: The miraculous peeling gloves that are popular in Japan, just wear it, while washing potatoes, taro shells and other vegetables and fruits, you can peel the potato skins, taro shells, etc. completely. Kitchen essentials!

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