Five new trends in the development of modern home furnishing industry

All along, furniture products have been accompanied by people's lives, and have been integrated into thousands of households, becoming an indispensable daily necessities in people's lives. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and increasingly fierce market competition, the furniture market has undergone qualitative changes.

Furniture market shifts from high-end to low-end

Historically, the furniture market has been accustomed to positioning itself as a mid-to-high end. It seems that customers with slightly different conditions have no access, which makes a large number of furniture companies and furniture stores can only be discouraged in China's most promising third- and fourth-tier markets. However, today's furniture market has long abandoned this traditional concept in the context of increasingly fierce competition. Not only has the furniture industry vigorously called for the lively scene of “three-fourth-level market marching”, but also a series of “furniture to the countryside” and other promotional activities.

The traditional off-season furniture market is also hot

Due to the weather, the first half of the year is generally not suitable for the renovation of new homes. Therefore, the first half of each year belongs to the off-season period of the furniture market. Now, many new homeowners like to have their furniture selected before the new home has been renovated. In addition, in order to survive this long off-season, many furniture stores have to fight big price wars, and even hold some large-scale promotional activities in the local area. Therefore, many furniture markets have become lively when they should be cold. Extraordinary scene.

Furniture products tend to be fashionable

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's life taste has also undergone significant changes. In modern decoration, the color of furniture tends to be colorful and vivid. While breaking the single color of the whole set of furniture, it is innovative and uses the painter's technique to treat a group of furniture as a landscape painting. With different color contrasts, the artistic beauty of the furniture is highlighted, making people's vision more comfortable.

In addition, the use cycle of modern furniture products has shrunk, and the style and style have changed with the seasons. This is also the concrete manifestation of the modern “furniture change season”.

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