Summer fitness moderate amount is not overriding effective

In the summer, various projects in the gym were in full swing. Whether you are a supporter of the equipment or an obsessive element of yoga, choosing to go to the gym after the sunset and sweating will not only make your body more bodybuilding, but also keep your body energized and consume excess fat. However, experts remind the public that fitness is based on individual physical conditions, and that sweating and physical exertion not only fail to achieve the desired results, but also make the body unbearable.

Excessive exercise can not reduce fat

Although the effect of choosing to lose weight in the summer will be more obvious, if you are blindly pursuing weight loss, not paying attention to the choice of diet and sports, and doing a reasonable fitness program, you may not get too good weight loss.

The deputy chief physician of the Department of Orthopaedics of the Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical College said that adherence to exercise can indeed achieve the purpose of bodybuilding and weight loss. But you should pay attention to the combination of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, such as aerobics, yoga, Latin, jogging, swimming and so on. If you just blindly sweat a lot of energy in the gym, you can only let your physical strength overdraw but can't reach the purpose of losing weight.

He explained that the blindness mentioned here refers to a large amount of exercise, short time, and rapid explosive movement. For large exercise exercises, muscle tissue is in an anaerobic state of metabolism because it does not have enough oxygen. At this time, most of the calories consumed are provided by glycogen, which provides only a small portion of the heat; and, in short-term exercise. In the early days, the body's calories also depended on glycogen, and the calories provided by fats dominated after 1 hour. For rapid explosive exercise, the main exercise is white muscle fiber. Using this method to lose weight will only make the muscles thicker rather than consume fat.

Fitness time depends on the body

Dr. Zhang stressed that in addition to not being able to exercise a lot of rhythm, it is impossible to exercise for too long. Because, as sweat flows, many minerals and vitamins are lost, which also reduces the body's resistance.

It is understood that 70%-80% of marathon runners will suffer from colds when they come down. It is because the amount of exercise beyond the human body load will cause people's resistance to decrease. In summer, because the amount of exercise is too large and sweating, the exercise time should also be corresponding. shorten.

Many people will ask: How long does it take to be effective? This of course depends on the physical condition of the individual. It is generally recommended that you follow a step-by-step approach to exercise. For example, the first phase is set to 3 days, 20 minutes of jogging or one class of yoga per day, and the second phase is 30 minutes of jogging or a rhythm for one week. Class. Next is 45 minutes of jogging, plus a slow yoga class... Here you need to remind everyone that in the summer, no matter what exercise, you must prepare for warm-up, time 5 - 10 minutes, warm-up project can be changed Simple stretching and joint activity.

Replenish water while exercising

Many fitness people ignore an important problem, that is, do not drink water during exercise. They even think that exercise is to sweat and let the water drain. If you drink while drinking water, isn't that equal to adding the lost water back? Dr. Zhang said that this thinking is obviously wrong. In addition to being unhealthy for health, sweating exercises can't achieve any effect, especially weight loss.

Exercise to sweat can make people feel more exercise, but in fact it just lost a few pounds of water. Exercise in a high temperature environment, you can not lose weight at all, this is just to dehydrate yourself. He believes that excessive sweating can also cause cramps and other sports injuries. When exercising, you should ensure that you have a bottle of water on your hand and you can replenish it at any time.

The drink for the gym is not frozen mineral water, it is best to add salt. They allow your body to avoid cramps and heat stroke while exercising.

Can not be fasted before exercise

It is also a big mistake to not eat and exercise to be better than to have a stomach. Of course, after eating too much, it is not suitable for sports. In particular, practicing yoga requires stretching exercises. However, if you go to the gym with an empty stomach, it is tantamount to driving a car without oil, and the body has no energy to run!

Dr. Zhang suggested that you can eat a little while an hour before exercise. Eat a little bit of easy-to-digest food such as fruit and bread to provide energy for the next activity. But you need to remind everyone that after eating these things, you can't start exercising right away, at least 45 minutes of rest, so walking to the gym is a good choice.

The project should be suitable

Due to the weather, summer fitness has its own particularity. The choice of different fitness items has different effects, and different people have different choices.

Swimming is the best fitness program in the summer. Swimming can not only play the role of whole body exercise, but also play a role in cooling. Others such as aerobics, yoga and mechanical exercise are good indoor sports and fitness programs. In the summer, the sun is hot and the ultraviolet rays are strong. Choosing indoor sports can protect the skin from harm, and if you have professional coaching, it will help you to exercise. In the morning and evening, when the sunshine is not very strong, some moderate aerobic exercises such as running, walking, tennis, cycling, etc. are also very beneficial to health. Morning exercise helps promote blood circulation, and evening fitness helps sleep. However, outdoor sports should especially prevent colds and colds, pay attention to sun protection, and apply sunscreen before exercise.

In addition, the choice of summer fitness program should be carried out according to your own physical condition and ability, such as climbing, ball sports, aerobics and other projects, but must pay attention to the gradual progress, will have good returns.

In the summer, influenced by the scorching sun, many sports are not suitable. You can climb stairs instead of climbing, take a walk in the morning and evening instead of running. The best exercise in summer is swimming, while cooling and cooling. If you must do long-distance exercise, you must pay attention to help the body temperature to spread. When walking in the sun, you can soak the sun hat with water; when walking in places where the sun can't reach, remove the hat; when you are resting, try to put the backpack down and untie the button on the collar of the shirt; the place to rest It is best to be in a place where the sun is not exposed and ventilated. And be sure to take a break.

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