Chengdu furniture blew the globalization horn

On July 2nd, the Chengdu Furniture Industry Park Management Committee held a press conference, officially announced the strategic development plan for the next five years, and announced the new LOGO selected from the global collection, which blew the horn for Chengdu's furniture globalization.

Integrate resource industry clusters and upgrade

According to the “Chengdu Furniture Industry Cluster Development Plan (2008-2017)” plan, Xindu District is defined as “the core area of ​​furniture industry cluster development”, and it is clearly stated that Chengdu Furniture Industry Park should be “set production, R&D, trade and commerce”. As the core area of ​​the Chengdu furniture industry cluster, it shoulders the heavy responsibility of the “middle-adjustment and external migration” furniture industry.

It is reported that in 2012, Chengdu Furniture Industry Park completed a total industrial output value of 12.5 billion yuan, an increase of 20%; industrial added value of 4 billion yuan, an increase of 25%; fixed assets investment of 5 billion yuan, an increase of 35%; completed tax of 60 million yuan , a year-on-year increase of 30%. At the end of last year, Chengdu Furniture Industry Park was awarded the title of “Southwest China Furniture Industry Base” by China Furniture Association, which highlights the important position of the industrial park in promoting the development of the furniture industry. At present, the Industrial Park is applying for the “China Famous Brand Creation Demonstration Zone” and has passed the essay review organized by the AQSIQ.

Xue Dexian, executive deputy director of Chengdu Furniture Industry Park Management Committee, said in an interview that after years of operation, Chengdu Furniture Industry Park has accumulated rich experience in park development and management, and built a sound service platform and a strong policy support system. It has achieved the most complete supporting policies, the largest preferential rate, the best service quality and the highest work efficiency. It can be said that the Chengdu Furniture Industry Park has the key elements of time, place, people and three elements, and has changed from the development period to the mature stage.

He said that Chengdu Furniture Industry Park will integrate the park's advantageous resources, focus on publicity, focus on display, and advance the group, shoulder the historical mission of leading the transformation of furniture in Chengdu, and give full play to the industrial clustering effect of “Chengdu furniture and new capital”, to cluster, The development of functionalization will generate more energy. In the future, the development of industrial parks will be more in line with the core laws of economic activities, and will also shift from general competition to efficient competition and technical capability competition, from a large-scale park era to a “functionalized” park era.

Affecting the adjustment of far-reaching business structure

At the press conference on July 2, Zeng Gang, deputy director of the Chengdu Furniture Industry Park Management Committee, explained to the media the future planning of the park: Chengdu Furniture Industry Park has determined the development pattern of the two wings that combines high-end manufacturing and modern business. In the next five years, we will bring together various types of domestic and foreign civil furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, children's furniture, campus furniture, special-purpose furniture, etc., and display functional partitions of furniture products, and strive to build a one-stop international furniture procurement base and The never ending international furniture fair.

According to the plan, the 10 circulation terminals in the Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park will completely modify the trade map of Chengdu and even Sichuan furniture. Through the differentiated layout adjustment of the business district, the various trade projects in the Chengdu Furniture Industry Park will form complementary linkage effects in the future. Promote a mutually supportive development pattern. Chengdu Furniture Industry Park will also develop into the largest and the nation's best furniture industry trade circulation platform in the west. This platform will completely subvert the traditional furniture business model, and there will be a revolutionary change in the furniture trade pattern of the whole Sichuan and even the whole country. Zeng Gang said that after the mature furniture business center with the Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park as its core, the vision of the global integrated home sales platform for the construction of the global park “purchase the world and enjoy the world” will be fully realized.

Rong Weiwei, executive vice president and secretary general of the Sichuan Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Furniture, said that the competition in the furniture industry has long since deviated from the competition of a single product marketing strategy. Now, who has the ability to analyze and accept new things quickly, who is better? With an international vision and a mind, whoever can take the lead in the fierce competition. Chengdu Furniture Industry Park collects LOGO for the whole world, which is the embodiment of internationalization. He hoped that the Industrial Park Management Committee could rationally plan the development route of the park with an open mind and an international vision, attach importance to the growth and secondary growth of the enterprises in the park, and make the Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park a new development for Sichuan furniture. starting point.

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