Quest anti-gravity ELISA kit

The most significant difference between positive and antimatter is probably their interaction with gravity-antimatter may be repelled by positive matter instead of being attracted. But this difference could not be tested until the emergence of the Alpha experiment at the European Nuclear Research Center.

Alpha (ALPHA) is the English abbreviation of Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus. The purpose of this equipment is to manufacture and capture the anti-matter "atoms". Just as a hydrogen atom is composed of a proton and an electron, an antihydrogen atom is composed of antiparticles of protons and electrons-antiprotons and positrons. The key to the experiment is not only to create antimatter, but also how to maintain the long enough time for research before the antimatter and the positive matter meet and annihilate. This is exactly what the Alpha experiment team did in 2010. By 2011, they announced that they could capture anti-hydrogen atoms for 1,000 seconds.

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2. No adverse effects and damage to the ink roller and Ps Plate

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 UV ink roller wash Usage:Please use alone (be careful not to mix with water),please refer to the product manual

Packing: 18L/ drum

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